Arizona Rockhounding

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

{For beginning tips, not state specific, try this article.}

Arizona is home to my favorite National Park and the most amazing site I have ever seen with the Grand Canyon running through it. Specifically Havasupai, which is home to the Havasupai Tribe and contains many beautiful waterfalls and springs as well as caves to explore.

Reservations to hike and camp there are required and unfortunately reservations are currently suspended. They normally would be here.

Let's talk about rockhounding in the State of Arizona though, because that's why you're here right?

First, let's look at the rules. In general, if you're collecting rock specimens on your own or with friends with handheld tools and you aren't filling up an entire truck bed with rocks then you should be within the rules.

The Arizona Bureau of Land Management has a site that goes over the specifics of the rules. You can find that site here.

Now on to the fun stuff! First of all, I'd like to link you guys to Gator Girl Rocks' site for Arizona. She has great links to museums and other points of interest for rockhounders in addition to the rockhounding locations themselves and sites specifically accommodating to families and children.

Rock Seeker has several insights on the types of rocks that can be found and in what areas throughout Arizona. His site is worth a try if you want to learn more about an area or just to learn about the types of rocks in general.

Arizona Rockhound has a good guide and blog to amateur rockhounding, and I recommend checking out his site here. After all we can always use a refresher on the basics in our state.

If you want to "pay-to-win" in a way, there is Arizona Rock Trips who offer 46 premiere rockhounding locations for $19.99 a year. This may result in the sites being less picked over, but I really don't know if the site is worth the money. You be the judge!

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. Particularly the Amazon links. Thank you for your support!

Here are a couple books that will also help get you started Rockhounding in Arizona:

The last resource I've got for you is a solid choice and helps keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to rockhounding in your state. It'll also help you connect with more people from your state and maybe make a couple friends if you join the Arizona Rockhounds Facebook Page. Or rather, all 3 of them?

The first one I found is pretty solid, with the latest posts being 6 minutes and 55 minutes ago respectively. The second page is private, so you have to request to join, but it had 4 new posts today as well. And the third page is a smaller one, with only 640 members. It is private as well and has seen 3 new posts this month.

Stay safe and happy hunting!

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